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Zgemma end-user support forum

This website and forum has been created especially to support the Zgemma brand of materials supplied by the Shenzhen Air Digital Technology Company Ltd.
This site is a privately owned self-help website for owners of the full Zgemma range of satellite receivers.
Whilst we work very closely with the manufacturers of the Zgemma brand of satellite receivers, we are not owned by the Shenzhen Air Digital Company ltd.
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These receivers are "specialist" Linux receivers

Posted by Satboxer on April 27th, 2016  • 

The Enigma2 software interface used on Zgemma boxes can be tailored to your own needs and is based on the same software that is used on most modern day "specialist" satellite receivers.
The software (firmwares) used are from (mainly) five developers that support Zgemma receivers and are listed in this forum.

  • They are -

  • If you have a new Zgemma receiver and a supported software (firmware) image installed and require specific help with any specific area of that software, then please post in the correct forums here. If it is a general Enigma2 set-up/software usage question then we will try to answer your questions if posted in the correct forums.

    These receivers are "specialist" Linux receivers and are very adaptable to every users needs, but they are not a simple plug-in and play box that most people are used to. However, once set up, they are one of the most reliable and user-friendly boxes on the market today.

    If you are looking for an fast, updateable, stable FTA satellite receiver they can not be beaten on price and hardware stability.
    If you are looking for a satellite receiver that also offers IPTV and the ability to descramble encrypted channels (Illegal) then they will also offer this ability. Add to this the numerous available plugins that Enigma2 software has available from a simple menu button option, then you can share the whole multimedia experience to every connected device on your home network and beyond.

    The Enigma2 software interface truly is limitless and new plugins are made available on a daily basis via free opensource software. The latest Zgemma receivers are fast and stable and now readily available from local suppliers or direct from the manufactures (although in some countries an import tax may be charged by the delivery couriers such as DHL etc.)